About Us

Sekolah Kristen Kalam Kudus Jayapura (Holy Word Christian School) (SKKK Jayapura) holds the conviction that each child is an individual creation of God, designed with a distinct purpose in mind. Therefore, the school collaborates with each student’s parents to determine his or her life’s purpose. The founder of SKKK Jayapura aspires for each student to attain a personal relationship with His Creator, develop an understanding of one’s own identity, and undergo a transformative process that culminates in the development of an adult possessing Christlike qualities, expertise, and the capacity to carry out God’s will and bestow blessings upon numerous individuals.


To prepare all SKKK Jayapura students for the era of Industry 4.0 and to provide the highest educational capacity to meet contemporary needs and developments, the institution offers the Global Christian Class (GCC) and Regular Christian Class (RCC) as environments to maximize the potential of each current student in kindergarten, primary, junior, and high school. Every student is supported in developing knowledge and abilities by utilizing the SKKK curriculum: Integrated Blended Learning (iB-Learning), which is a 21st century learning approach. Education at SKKK Jayapura encompasses five distinct dimensions, as delineated in the organization’s Vision and Mission.



About Us

The awakening of a complete human being who fears God, is independent and useful for the world

Ephesus 2:19-20, 1 Corinthians 9:19, and Proverb 1:7



About Us

  1. Mengajak murid, tenaga pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan untuk memiliki hati yang takut akan Tuhan;
  2. Membimbing murid, tenaga pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan supaya mengasihi sesama manusia dan menghargai lingkungan alam ciptaan Tuhan;
  3. Membina murid, tenaga pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan bertumbuh menjadi manusia yang sehat mental, berbudi pekerti luhur dan bertanggung jawab sesuai nilai kebenaran;
  4. Memberikan pengetahuan yang berkualitas kepada murid, tenaga pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan sesuai tuntutan perkembangan zaman;
  5. Melengkapi murid, tenaga pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan dengan keterampilan yang berkualitas sesuai kebutuhan dan potensi untuk mengembangkan dirinya;
  6. Memberdayakan semua yang berkepentingan (stakeholder) untuk menjadi insan pendidikan.

The 5 Dimensions of iB-Learning


About Us

Students of the SKKK are expected to develop into well-rounded individuals through the incorporation of these five dimensions into the iB-Learning curriculum. This would enable the realization of the SKKK’s vision, which is “The awakening of a complete human being who fears God, is independent and useful for the world,” through the study of the curricula.

The spiritual dimension of SKKK shapes knowledge by using a Christian Worldview to add the structure or idea of CFRC (Creation – Fall – Redemption – Consummation) to comprehend the truth of creation. In this way, the students will learn everything there is to know about God’s wisdom and truth



About Us

With love and discipline improve achievement



School Culture

S: senyum, salam, sapa, sopan
M: maaf
A: antre
R: ringkas, rapi, resik, rawat, rajin
T: tolong, terima kasih